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Readers Ask: How is Bazaar Daily funded?

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A popular question we have received probably more times than I can probably numerically count over the years has been as this title describes. Unfortunately, and bare with me here, I’m not completely aware of everything the internet has ever said about myself or about our paper as a whole. I learned a long time ago not to type your name or the name of your project(s) into Google unless you’re fully prepared to see what the world or others may have to say about you.

We have this general policy that once we are done writing for the day we tend to log off to avoid the negative and often mentally-endangering negatives that come with the internet.

The latter I am unfortunately not one of those that wants to know what the world has to say so I/we don’t Google around to find out.

We say that to say that some of the things we are aware of are pretty wild. No we don’t have millions; no we aren’t funded by some hack in the middle of no where, we are privately funded by our own funds and families who have helped us make this an enormous success. We’ve never believed in big money; big corporate like donors, or anything or anyone of the kind.

One thing I would like to point out there are maybe 15 of us or so here. At one point many many years ago, there were far more. As we had picked up in viewership, we had volunteers; interns, and the like but since the dust has settled and we’ve got this ship floating — it is just the original gang these days.

I wanted to clear that up. We are a family here — we share financial responsibilities; we share editorial responsibilities, but most of all we work together and as a cohesive team.

As always I want to thank each of you for joining us every day to stay informed. We’ve loved the news and storytelling since the dawn of the ages and hope that for many years to come you guys continue to join us.

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