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Let’s talk about the alleged animal cruelty going on over at Elon Musk ‘s Neuralink company

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Neuralink being that one weird company not many know much about, but it just slithers out from the shadows of an unlit mouse-trapped corner. Yes, that one. Neuralink is back in the headlines this week, to the shock of no one, because of alleged animal cruelty claims that are now arising following the death(s) of numerous test monkeys. The brain chip is intended to allow paralyzed people to walk again and to allow people to essentially become the next generation of themselves.

But not everybody is convinced about the project let alone its safety. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) lodged a complaint last week with the USDA alleging numerous animal cruelty allegations. The monkeys used were reportedly of the macaque species.

‘Currently, all novel medical devices and treatments must be tested in animals before they can be ethically trialed in humans. Neuralink is not unique in this regard. At Neuralink, we are absolutely committed to working with animals in the most humane and ethical way possible,’ the firm wrote in a blog post.  

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