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India Arie has announced she is pulling her music from Spotify amid Joe Rogan ‘s misinformation scandal

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Joe Rogan ‘s misinformation fiasco is getting pretty heavy for the likes of Spotify. According to musician Indie Arie, she is now the latest prominent name to ditch the platform over Rogan ‘s often problematic episodes about COVID misinformation and that of race. Arie joins Joni Mitchell; Neil Young, and numerous other artists who have all ditched the service as of this writing. Millions of users themselves have also ditched the platform over its lackluster response to the blatant misinformation.

Arie confirmed in an IG post that she would be following Young ‘s lead because it was right to do what’s right. Arie made a good point following Rogan ‘s episode last week where he referred to the term “Black” as weird when describing someone’s skin tone (he also said the same for white.)

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