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Hunter Biden ‘s bank records were subpoenaed by the DOJ .. in 2019.. but nobody knew why until now

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American political child Hunter Biden who by all means knows scandal better than anyone is back in the news. According to Radar Online, Hunter Biden ‘s banking records have been requested by the Department of Justice amid reports that they were previously being investigated anyway but went largely ignored as Biden launched his most recent bid for the White House.

At the time of the initial subpoena it was actually 17 months prior to the actual election. Authorities were looking into credible reports that Biden had made a series of large sum transactions from his JP Morgan Chase account to the Bank of China. The requests also included any transactions that included James Biden and his former business partners Devon Archer and Eric Schwerin.

Interestingly, former Attorney General William Barr (yes, that guy) made it his mission to allegedly keep the news secret because he felt it would’ve become an issue for Joe Biden on the Presidential campaign trail.

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