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Here’s the biggest news you may have missed this weekend: Recap

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This wild weekend has come to an end and from the Americas and as far as Eastern Europe there’s been allot going in the world this week. This “RECAP” doesn’t have a sponsor, but, we’d like to take a moment to mention that our hearts are with those in Ukraine right now.

  1. Over in New York mandates are understood to be changing.

According to the office of Kathy Hochul (that’s the Gov here guys) the mask mandates are coming to an end next week but the ultimate decision will be left up to local governments. Hochul cited the widely declining numbers in the fight against the Coronavirus, however, urged that like before those things could quickly change in the future. Despite the mask mandates being lifted, people are reminded to take the precautions in which see best fit for one’s family.

2. The man who infamously beat a woman with a hammer at a Queens (New York City) subway station has been arrested

William Blount, 57, has been identified as the suspect who nearly bludgeoned to death a woman named Nina Rothschild. Over the weekend, Rothschild a healthcare worker, was dramatically beaten with a hammer at the Queens Plaza subway stop by Blount. He was finally arrested as Sunday came to be and is reportedly facing attempted murder charges.

3. On Monday Russian authorities are scheduled to meet with Ukrainian authorities in a supposed effort to end the war.

Though it is unlikely that Ukraine will provide any concessions to Russia given that acts they’ve now committed. Over the weekend, Ukraine ‘s leader Mr. Zelensky confirmed that the two countries would meet on the Belarusian border.

NEW ON STREAMING TV THIS WEEK: The Proud Family: Louder & Prouder is finally here and you can stream it on Disney Plus.

4. You can catch up on all things Russia and their invasion of Ukraine by going to this page in our newspaper.

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