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Former reality star Jerry Harris is facing up to 50 years in prison as the federal child predator case against him goes forward

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If many of you recall a few years ago, Jerry Harris, famed for his appearances on Cheers as a cheer professional was found to have been exposing himself to underage kids while having been on said show. In case it couldn’t have gotten any worse at the time he was also using the competitions as a front to engage and lure children into sexual activities against their will and understanding of what they were actually doing.

Now as the federal trial against Harris gets underway he is facing a reported 50+ years in prison for his crimes against children. It is a spectacular fall from grace for the former beloved cheer professional who had found a minor level of fame and was making great money.

In federal court in Chicago on Thursday, Harris reportedly pleaded guilty to federal charges in relation to his enticing of said minors. Many of the complaints against Harris range from forced oral sex to enticing nude images from children according to legal complaints filed within the case.

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