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EU has closed its airspace to Russia + new developments in the widening sanctions against the Kremlin

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New developments in the widening global sanctions against the Kremlin and Russia. According to reports out Sunday, officials in Europe have announced that Russian airliners are banned from EU ‘s airspace amid the widening sanctions against the war-hungry Kremlin.

EU officials have also announced the following measures:

  1. Some Russian media outlets are set to be banned from the region

Officials are expected to announce further information this week as to the exact list of such outlets. It appears that European government officials are seeking to take out Russian mouthpieces abroad.

2. Airspaces banned to Russian airlines

Russian airlines across the board will no longer be allowed in European air space as of Sunday. It is unclear how long this measure will last but is set to have a devastating consequence for the Russian economy and travellers.

3. The EU will also fund arms to Ukraine in a rare first.

This in fact is the first known time that the bloc has funded arms to a country under attack. Officials announced on Sunday that while an exact number is unknown arms and supply kits are being sent to Ukraine and its military to help fend off Russia. It is the latest setback for Putin who underestimated just how quick the world would arrive on Ukraine ‘s borders.

4. Kharkiv is under attack

Russian soldiers are back in the region and this time street fighting has broken out for the last several hours according to the Associated Press. Troops are attempting to overthrow the area but so far are understood to be delayed in doing so by resistance fighters in the area defending Ukrainian territory. A gas pipeline just a few miles outside of town was also blown up by Russian forces.

5. Russia and “select Russian” banks have been removed from the world’s SWIFT financial system

The system from what we could glean from the internet appears to connect financial institutions around the world. Russia has now been booted from such though not all Russian banks have been booted. This is poised to be consequentially dangerous for the Russian economy as cutting off banks from international means is among the more dramatic moves officials could make.

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