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American musician Tank talks hearing loss; his final album, and his last dance

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RnB singer Tank revealed earlier this year in a series of IG posts that he was going deaf in the right ear and losing his hearing in the other. The revelations meant that Tank would in fact go on to announce his complete retirement from music amid a number of health issues that had been plaguing him for some time.

In a new interview with People Magazine ‘s podcast, the singer tells the magazine how he managed to cope with hearing loss all the while trying to make good music. Tank ‘s final album R&B Money is due out on 4 Feb.

“It was tough at first because now it’s like all the information is flooding one ear,” he explains. “That one ear was just like, ‘Hold up, doc, I can’t handle all that,’ and so it took time to get that part of it.” But his hearing was only one component of his struggles; he adds that his vertigo also serves as a major challenge. “It’s either light or kind of medium, but I do have vertigo pretty much every day.”

Earlier this year, Tank was diagnosed with ensorineural hearing loss as a result of tinnitus.

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