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A wildly fascinating find on Mars has occurred, here’s all the fun stuff you should know right now

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As part of our ongoing efforts to keep people informed about the world’s and outer space above us this article is part of our Astronomy & Space series as hosted digitally by me. As the science writer here, I have so much fun keeping our readers informed about this stuff because it is slowly becoming more apparent that in more ways than one not everything is as it may seem.

According to reports, the Exomars Orbiter which has been roaming the Red Planet for some time has found water hidden in the Grand Canyon area of the planet. Scientists aren’t fully aware of what type of water it is, however, the general assumption so far that it appears to be ice.

The water friendly area is about the size of Netherlands back here on earth. It is the latest of many signs that Mars may be hiding things we simply just haven’t discovered yet. Previous signs of water of water were found in 2006 by NASA in the Terra Sirenum and Centauri Montes areas of the planet.

Scientists say that the discovery was made by the orbiters FREND instrument (Fine Resolution Epithermal Neutron Detector).

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