A renewed version of a November lawsuit against Subway is making the rounds again. This time in a renewed version of the lawsuit — a group of people in San Francisco have filed a federal complaint against the chain for alleged deception about the authenticity of its tuna sandwiches. The suit maintains that a marine biologist tested numerous tuna melts from various SF area restaurants only to discover they weren’t tuna at all.

This is not the first time the troubled food chain has been accused of deception in regards to their food.

The suit maintains that at least 20 different samples from sandwiches across the SF area were taken over the span of several weeks. Subway, however, has labelled the claims meritless and that the Tuna is “absolutely regulated and authentic.”


The November 8 lawsuit said it took 20 Subway tuna product samples and all contained detectable chicken DNA, 11 contained pork DNA and 7 contained cattle DNA. It said 19 samples had 'no detectable tuna DNA sequences whatsoever'+4



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