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Trump has filed a class action lawsuit again Twitter, Facebook over extended bans on platforms as former pres whines about being offline

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Former American President Donald Trump has once again proved that he will go to no lengths unturned to make himself look good. In newly filed documents, it has been confirmed that Trump filed suit against Facebook and Twitter demanding he be given his accounts back that he claims were unfairly targeted. It is worth reminding everyone that Donald Trump repeatedly helped incite the violence that led to his banning to begin with contrary to what he may think or post online.

Trump assembled a gaggle of his own cronies at a press conference declaring that his rights among other right-wing Americans were being infringed upon. Rights they say that should supposedly include the god given right to get other people killed and walk away almost unscathed.

Trump maintains even to this day that he was silenced for being conservative rather than inciting violence.

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