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Even as the Delta variant rages, and still many unanswered questions, face masks to become optional in the U.K

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U.K folks are in for a massive change in the coming days. According to CNN, UK officials have confirmed that beginning over the course of the next several weeks masks will become entirely optional. The decision does of course come against the backdrop of what is called the Delta variant of the deadly COVID-19 virus. As it is understood, it is not totally understood as to whether or not vaccines protect everyone from the virus and not just small portions who get it (there are vaccinated people still turning up with the perceived-to-be-deadlier variant.)

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick told Sky News: “I don’t particularly want to wear a mask, I don’t think a lot of people enjoy doing it.”We will be moving into a phase though, where these will be matters of personal choice and so some members of society will want to do so for perfectly legitimate reasons, but it will be a different period where we as private citizens make these judgments rather than the government telling you what to do,” Jenrick added.

Further down the line… Heallth Secretary Sajid Javid has signaled he would like to ease coronavirus restrictions.”We are on track for July 19 and we have to be honest with people about the fact that we cannot eliminate Covid,” Javid wrote in an article for the Mail on Sunday newspaper this weekend.”We also need to be clear that cases are going to rise significantly. I know many people will be cautious about the easing of restrictions — that’s completely understandable. But no date we choose will ever come without risk, so we have to take a broad and balanced view. We are going to have to learn to accept the existence of Covid and find ways to cope with it — just as we already do with flu.”

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