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Despite tough “public” stance, Dr Fauci was allegedly fairly kind to the Chinese amid suspicions of COVID-19 ‘s origins

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Dr. Fauci — perhaps the most public face in all of the pandemic might have some explaining to do. In a new piece for The Washington Post, the Post has managed to get their hands on more than 886 pages of e-mails between Fauci and Chinese CDC officials.

  • Dr Fauci in hundreds of e-mails was fairly kind and in no way investigative towards the Chinese. No where in the hundreds of pages did he appear to question infectious disease experts about potential origins of the virus.
  • In a number of e-mails, Fauci shared his amusement with an article conveying his new found fame and apparent sex symbol status.
  • Fauci failed to ask the Chinese tough questions even as the pandemic first broke and it had become widespread almost overnight.
  • Fauci and China ‘s Dr. George Gao of China ‘s CDC maintain a close and fairly friendly relationship despite soured relations between the two countries.

The revelations in the e-mails come as many are concerned as to whether or not China in someway manufactured the strain of COVID-19 that became what it is today. It must be noted that the claim is perhaps credible though has not been made fully bare yet. If the claim is actually true that would mean that China has committed an act of war against almost the entirety of planet earth.

In one exchange (that is catching allot of heat online), Dr. Gao is seen telling Fauci in an e-mail that it is a grave mistake to tell Americans that they can lose their masks once they’ve been vaccinated. It is unclear in fact why that remark was made or in what capacity (considering China may know something we don’t.)

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