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The WH is demanding reporters get all quotes approved and it isn’t going over well

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The White House has a new policy running about and it is not sitting well with anyone. According to reports, the policy appears to suggest that reporters must get all quotes approved through the communications team of the White House — a near unprecedented move considering that hampers publication deadlines that most outlets attend by. It was first deployed by the Obama Admin; less deployed by the Trump admin, and now in full force by the Biden admin.

Politico Playbook reports that the memos were sent out apparently this week and also demand that reporters transcribe all quotes to the comms team. The rule also applies to anyone who apparently wants to attach a name to any particular interview quote.

“The rule treats them like coddled Capitol Hill pages and that’s not who they are or the protections they deserve,” ​one reporter told Politico.​

“Every reporter I work with has encountered the same practice,” ​another reporter said.

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