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Report: Study appears to have found that the Chinese government enginered COVID-19 from a Wuhan lab

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Editors Note: The following study mentioned in this story is an authentic study that is set to be published formally in the coming weeks. It comes against the backdrop of multiple nations readying their own investigations into whether or not China fully did weaponize the origins of COVID-19 and how they can stop it.

Against the backdrop of claims that COVID-19 is not naturally occurring, an extraordinary new study claims that China bioengineered the virus from a Wuhan lab.

The study set to be published sometime next month was first reported by Daily Mail, who managed to get their hands on the study from a UK researcher who took part in the study itself. It is now being alleged that the $600k grant from America may have been unlawfully used as part of what is called Gain of Function research (which was temporarily outlawed in the United States.)

In the report, one of the more shocking claims is that the Chinese government and its lab used a piece of the virus to study how they could make it more lethal to humans.

Interestingly, the study appears to identify what are believed to be unique fingerprints that point back to the Wuhan lab. Those same fingerprints allegedly revealed that at the virus that emerged and its original strain had identifiers that appeared to have been manipulated.

The shocking study is set to be published in the coming time inside of Quarterly Review of Biophysics Discovery. It is unclear if China has responded to the study as of this writing.

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