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Earth ‘s crust may be super super old, much older than we may have previously known

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The crust of Earth the place we call home may in fact be significantly older than previously known. According to, the crust may be around or older than 3.7billion years in total. The new discovery sheds even further light in the exploration efforts to understand the history of the planet we live on. A history that like many have noted before is actually largely unknown.

Discovering the new age of the crust was in fact possible because at a recent convention (virtually due to the pandemic) scientists analyzed a specimen called barite. The barite specimen showed scientists that the crust is actually billions of years old, partially, having aged pretty well for having been around far longer than anything we’ve ever known.

Barites have a history of recording things pretty well and are a critical part of continents and the ocean (yes the actual ocean) trading nutrients.

Kory Karmikle is the Astronomy & Space Editor for Bazaar Daily News.

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