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Ex Dallas officer who murdered her neighbor in his own apartment appeals guilty verdict

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Killer cop Amber Guyger who murdered her neighbor in his own apartment claiming the apartment was hers is back in the headlines. Amber notoriously killed her neighbor Botham Jean in his own apartment aftere falsely claiming to have suspected the apartment was in fact hers. Guyger ‘s lawyer is now arguing that his client should be instead sentenced to time for negligent homicide rather than murder.

The appeals court though does seem hesitant to overturn the conviction because Guyger has already admitted to what she did back in 2018. A judge, however, will hand down a decision at a later date although it is unclear which direction this will actually go.

Guyger ‘s senseless murder of Jean came years before the Black Lives Matter movement became what it is today but soon became a key part in the discussion about police violence.

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