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Cops are trying to justify the murder of Adam Toledo even though he complied

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The unjustified murder of Adam Toledo has of course caused much discussion. Typically police sponsored murders often result in the argument that someone should have complied and they likely would have survived. As many are aware that wasn’t the reported case for 13-year-old Adam Toledo.

Toledo was on 29 March gunned down by police in Chicago even though he had as seen on video complied with orders and had his hands up. Police union bosses are now trying to justify his death citing that the officers involved were entirely right in the killing.

Police maintain that Toledo allegedly had a gun on his persons when he was confronted though that remains unclear as there are many different versions of events being told by cops and officials. Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot has previously been caught on video claiming various different versions of events took place.

CAUTION: The following video may not be suitable for all audiences.

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