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As India burns, a massive failure by Modi ‘s government

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Narendra Modi ‘s government is one part failure one part burning hypocrite. As Modi ‘s India burns in its fourth wave of the Coronavirus and unbelievable number of locals have died as a result of the wave. Deaths that have piled up on the streets; curbs, outside of death parlours, homes, and even allegedly in some parks.

India looks more like a western horror film than it does the India many people know and love. The blame largely sits at the doorstep of Modi ‘s failure of a government who failed to procure enough supplies to save their own people. Supplies that are not proving to be quite literally critical to the very people Modi just doesn’t care about.

Instead of having procured enough for their own, India, instead is depending on the rest of the world. While there certainly isn’t a problem to turn to your neighbors for help especially in these times it is telling about a government who doesn’t want you to know that.

Modi ‘s government is in bed with social media networks who are demanding that critical tweets of Modi and the local government be taken down and they have. It is unclear the arrangement Modi ‘s government has with social media networks but it isn’t believed to be very democratic.

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