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We asked 6 celebs how they’d describe “fame”, their responses were telling

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Editors note: At the request of their press agents and handlers, we’ve agreed not to reveal the names of the movie stars and musicians that coincide with their respective responses.

On a knee-jerk sort of reaction, we decided to launch a project that explores the deep dark depths of fame and why or why not some hate it. In the first edition of our project, we asked 9 celebrities ranging from Grammy-winning musicians to Oscar nominated movie stars how they’d describe fame… and whether or not they’d change it.

The responses were in part fascinating.

  1. “I’d probably never let my own children be famous. I’m sure they’d think about it or probably already have but having experienced it myself oh heavens no. Fame is such a fickle thing and the contest to see who can last is an almost everlasting ticking time bomb in regards to ones’ mental health. I couldn’t put my kids through that. Now when they become adults would be a different story, I’d support them no matter what in whatever form.”

— Brit movie star, 4 time BAFTA nominee on “how they’d describe fame and whether or not they’d change it.”

2. “Oh most certainly I’d change it. I feel like fame is like this rocket of sorts that one day you successfully launch and another you crash and explode. There’s no real way to know whether or not if you’ll still be famous tomorrow. I’m indefinitely grateful for everything that has been given to me, but, if I could turn back the clock I probably would just to be able to live a normal life. It’s the small things that I miss.”

– – A Grammy nominated singer.


– — An action film star.

4. “What I love about fame is that you can reach so many people once you’ve achieved it. What I hate about fame is that sometimes those same people can become your biggest nightmare. ”

— American movie star, 3x Golden Globe nominee

5. “You could argue that fame is poison you could also argue that fame is great. It really just depends on who you are and why you sought it in the first place. I think I’d change it in the sense of being placed on a pedestal. I didn’t ask to be a role model though I understand the concept of why that happens.”

— American hip hop star/movie star, Grammy winner/nominee.

6. “Fame is like that really pleasant kid you run into in high school that seems so nice and cool to hang out with but then behind the scenes is absolutely the biggest bitch since Kirstie Alley came to be. My daughter feels the same way we enjoy being famous and what it brings though the elements of fame are what we dislike.”

— One of T.V ‘s longest running stars.

In the next article in this series we’re exploring specifically child stars on the rise and how themselves understand fame in today’s world.

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