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Meghan Markle: I contemplated suicide at the hands of the royal family

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The Duchess of Sussex has almost certainly came out swinging in her interview with Oprah Winfrey in America. In the bombshell interview, Markle acknowledges that after being refused access to proper mental healthcare — she contemplated taking her own life on multiple occasions.

Let’s make that clear. The Duchess of Sussex and then at the time the Mother to an heir to the throne contemplated taking her own life because of what they had done.

Shocking is putting it lightly. The idea that Buckingham Palace has by all means turned against its own because he married a Black woman (“how dark Archie ‘s skin could end up being”) is by no means shocking. This institution has existed likely for longer than modern anatomical humans have even existed. The Monarchy has been around for so long, researchers are still trying to research periods of history that their family has witnessed and experienced.

But they’re afforded the right to do as they wish behind the massive walls of Buckingham Palace at no accountability for themselves.

It was and is no different with Meghan.

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