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Hours after Meghan and Harry interviews in the U.K, Britain braces for fallout

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The hotly anticipated and contested interview between Oprah Winfrey; Prince Harry, and The Duchess of Sussex is set to air in the U.K — but not without likely significant fallout.

The Palace has yet to directly respond to the interview amid reports that the Queen has barred the palace from responding at all. Barred meaning she simply hasn’t signed off on an official response — likely because she herself hasn’t quite processed what was said. In the matter of 2 hours, decades worth of institutionally-sanctioned hatred was revealed to the world.

Here’s what you need to know so far:

  1. Meghan claimed alongside Harry that the Palace barred her from seeking medical help. They feared that it would allegedly look bad that the Duchess had to seek help to begin with. It led to reported suicidal feelings at the heart of Buckingham Palace.
  2. For Black Britons, the interview has confirmed longstanding suspicions that the monarchy was never about them but about white pomp and division.
  3. The Duchess also claimed that a member of the family (who was not the Queen or Phillip) questioned just how dark even just a little Archie would come out to be.
  4. Meghan revealed that there are significant reasons as to why Archie is not a prince, but, royal watchers (presumably those in bed with the monarchy) are already on the defensive.
  5. It must be remembered that it isn’t surprising that someone who has been on the inside of the palace has witnessed the reported racism. After all, Buckingham Palace and the Royal Family once ruled the United Kingdom with racism firmly in their grasp. It is in essence a fragment of the very bedrock that led them to the opulent lifestyle in which they live today.
  6. Prime Minister Boris Johnson would like to be dismissed from the drama entirely.

The UK finally got the news last. But for the first time in likely a very long time it most certainly is time to discuss the reality of the royals and how exactly they got where they are today.

Because it wasn’t by community action and activism most certainly not.

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