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A quick note about what you may find on the internet.

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We do not presently provide or confirm any type of information to third party websites. We are aware of various websites with wildly confusing things about our newspapers — though they are refusing to remove them. Linkedin presently has numerous profiles that are not actually us, er, which is actually just one of many examples.

The same is presently applicable to requests for comment. We do not actually confirm; comment on, or anything of the like related to press inquiries.

We do not actively provide or grant press interviews of any kind and generally are relatively private despite the way it may seem. We have never spoken to any form of a media outlet and have no intentions of doing so.

We generally are not the kind to “Google” ourselves though people generally do make us aware when bizarre things pop up on the internet.

As always if we feel the need to announce something or address something it will as it has always been done in this very newspaper.

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