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Big changes including groups and paid content are coming to Twitter

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In features that have long been rumored to be on their way to Twitter, is finally getting a major facelift. According to The Verge, community groups are now coming to Twitter as are paid content options.

Editors note: To prevent confusion we’d like to clarify that this does not mean that Twitter itself will be a subscription service. It is an add-on service for people who want to grow and monetize their content and followers.

The Verge notes that Twitter hopes to grow its user base and revenue by allowing people to pretty much create their own online community hubs. The hubs will contain premium group access; content access, and other related things as Twitter seeks to expand its offerings.

Users will be able to offer premium content; follows, newsletters, and other things to those that care enough. But considering Twitter is the wild west, this likely won’t end well for some.

(“Super Follows”) one of the many new paid features will launch the day before the end of the year. That particular feature will surround the idea that consumers and content creators team up to determine who they will support.

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