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UK schools are poised to remain closed until early March or later: Downing Street

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The question of over how dangerous the new strain is remains fairly debatable according to most. In fact, Downing Street announced on Wednesday that UK schools are poised to remain closed until at least 8 March or later.

As one could probably guess the move has upset parents across the nation who are desperate to get their kids back into their usual routine. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that lockdown would be extended an additional 3 weeks but it is unclear as to why.

Yesterday, COVID cases were down on record to just about 20k across the nation. Meanwhile, Downing Street and the Home Office have declared more than 30 countries “red countries” whereas those returning will face lockdowns. Patel, the Home Secretary, subsequently announced on Wednesday that those to and from the countries on that list will be forced into hotel quarantine rooms which will have to be paid at the expense of the person quarantining.

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