The U.S House is expected to impeach Trump a 2nd time today


Today mark’s yet another historic day in America. According to reports in Washington and the U.S House itself Donald Trump is expected to face a 2nd vote today that would make him the first President to be impeached twice. It remains unclear whether or not the Senate will actually follow suit and convict, although, numerous reports indicate that Mitch McConnell wants him purged.

Interestingly, Mike Pence reportedly is not on board with neither the 25th amendment nor impeachment. According to a letter signed by Pence (see below), he called the joint-moves “political games” as charged by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The New York Times ran a story this morning citing several media reports and indicators in Washington that Mitch McConnell is moving to oust and convict Donald Trump for his crimes committed against the United States of America.

If impeached and sent to trial, the trial would likely overlap with the introduction to Joe Biden ‘s Presidency with VP Kamala Harris.

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