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South African strain of COVID-19 might be in the U.S and it may be deadlier than the last

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The third known strain of COVID-19 known to have reportedly come from South Africa may already be in the United States. As such this would mean that the U.S is likely battling its own strain; the UK strain, and the South African strain. According to the CDC, efforts to track down people who may be infected with this strain have grown to be complicated to say the least.

Researchers now say that, per African media reports, that the SA strain appears to or may already have a mutation of itself that makes it harder to determine such in a test. The strain is believed to have some level of antibody resistance.

Just last week, officials in Colorado managed to detect the first known case of the UK strain in America. That strain was found in someone who reportedly has no travel history and had not been out of the area. Officials have been led to believe that the person likely contracted the virus locally meaning others nearby might have it.

CNN managed to get American officials on record admitting that detection efforts in the United States have been mostly patchy. Patchwork efforts that if not quickly put under control will lead to even higher case loads and deaths.

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