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Malachi Love-Robinson, 23, the man who faked being a doctor in Florida has been jailed again

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Sometimes there are headlines you just can’t make up and this is one of them. Years ago a man now infamously known as Dr. Love was arrested for posing as a doctor in Florida, er, and then bamboozling just about everybody in his path. According to jail records in West Palm Beach Florida, Malachi Love-Robinson, 23, aka (Dr Love) has been re-arrested on even more fraud charges.

Malachi Love-Robinson

He was famously arrested in 2016 for his doctor scam but this time the charges are even worse. He at the time also stole $35,000 from an elderly patient; pretended to be a doctor, prescribed medicine he should not have, and got caught by an undercover cop.

Love-Robinson is famously known for having pretended to be a doctor when he was a teenager. His scam made international headlines at the time.

Prosecutors claim that Love-Robinson tried to and appears to have successfully stolen $10,000 from his employer. That employer has been identified as United States of Freight.

Records show that he apparently used a series of dummy accounts to send customer payments to himself instead of obviously to USOF ‘s corporate account. The company specializes in connecting customers to shipping companies for a fee.

He has since been released on bond according to the same record.

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