MAGA rioters facing up to 20 years or more in jail + manhunt for man accused of murdering Capitol cop: FBI


As the FBI continues to close in on what they call members of the MAGA mob that terrorized Capitol Hill — it has now emerged just how they intend to charge some of those people. According to the FBI, they’re still seeking hundreds of people including a man they’ve now identified for questioning in connection to the murder of a Capitol cop (which took place on the day of the riots.)

Photo Credit: Unknown this was one of the first pictures that emerged from the riots and it is unknown who took it. If someone knows who this belongs too please let us know so we can credit them. (Image used for informational and news purposes due to the events that took place.)

It’s no secret that some of the MAGA terrorists are indeed in their elder years and quite likely could spend what remains of their lives behind bars when finally captured. The FBI in multiple statements made it clear that they will pursue charges against people, some of whom, are looking at minimum 20 years in federal prison for their crimes.

EDITORS NOTE: The FBI has released the following image of a man they do know by name. He has been identified by a video whereas he is allegedly seen chucking the fire extinguisher that killed Officer Brian a member of the Capitol Police force.

NOTE: If you recognize this man call the FBI immediately.

But on Tuesday it also emerged that the FBI did in fact warn Capitol Police that violence loomed but they failed to act. The Washington Post reports that a memo containing such warning(s) emerged this afternoon amid claims that the Capitol Police Force may have intentionally failed to act.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Acting U.S Attorney Michael Sherwin had this to say about the terrorists that took over Washington.

‘As we sit here now, we’ve opened more than 170 subject files meaning these individuals have been identified as potential persons who committed crimes. Of those cases that have been opened, we’ve charged over 70 cases. 

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‘That number is going to grow into the hundreds. We’re looking at everything from trespass to theft of mail to assault on local officers, theft of potential national security information, felony murder and even civil rights excessive force. 

‘The gamut of conduct is mind-blowing. The FBI is working with the US attorney’s office. We’re looking at significant felony cases tied to sedition and conspiracy. Their marching orders are to build seditious and conspiracy cases. Those have prison terms of up to 20 years,’ Sherwin said

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