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Judge rules Amazon does not have to reinstate Parler in dramatic move against extremism

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The fight to get Parler back on Amazon web services might string along for quite some time. According to reports, a federal judge has ruled that at least for now the web-hosting company does not have to reinstate Parler. That decision comes from mostly obvious reasons considering Amazon ‘s Terms of Service were always pretty clear.

However despite the ruling, Judge Barbra Rothstein ruled only in part to the injunction but did not dismiss what she called Parler ‘s apparent credible concerns otherwise. It is the latest page-turner in a battle for what right-wing Americans are calling their right to post as they feel inciting violence or not.

Amazon maintains that the reason why Parler was taken down in fact is because they had an agreement that no such violent content would be hosted. An agreement that was later breached leading up to the Capitol Complex terrorist attacks.

The move is likely to upset Parler’s supporters and those of the now former President Trump. Anger mostly surrounding the idea that their alleged freedoms and rights (in regards to free speech) are being violated.

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