America is failing to address itself at its core

Privilege is defined as being consistently whether intentionally or unintentionally always one step ahead of someone else (i.e your neighbor.) Whether that be financially; according to the rules, or something of that nature it is simply defined as having a usual unfair advantage over someone else.

Don’t ever let his name die because there are plenty more like him.

His name is Jacob Anthony Chansley.

That alone defines about the last 100 or so years in America. Privilege has uprooted American lives; amplified classism; racism, and the elitism that runs deep in white America. It runs so deep that a white domestic terrorist known as the QAnon Shaman (an unemployed; racist, sexist, and every other -ist) has successfully managed to demand on the taxpayers dime that he receive a full organic diet while in jail awaiting federal charges.

I want to be abundantly clear in the opening article for Wednesday. American privilege at the behest of white people will be the reason this country continues to descend into a cultural spiral downwards. The Shaman is now entitled to an organic diet while in jail even though the same right has never been afforded to Black prisoners while awaiting any type of charge.

By no means am I indicating that all white people are bad because that certainly is not the case. But at the rate America is going, America will never be able to “unify” until the bad white people are weeded out because they control the money; the influence, the dark powers, the levers of power and pretty much every aspect of our lives. In modern 21st century you can probably safely assume that a humungous chunk of the organised society in which we live in inside of the United States is controlled by a monopoly of white people.

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The privilege these people have and that their followers have is astounding. Some people have their head so far in the sand they deny these things happen or even exist. Some have even argued that the Shaman has a right to an organic diet — but I beg the question — why isn’t that right of choice afford to Black co-prisoners?

Ever. Black prisoners are usually fed horrible food; piss poor conditions at that, and often aren’t given much of a choice about anything. But a hyper-privileged asshat who lives at home with his mother; doesn’t have a job, but just so happens to be white can boss around the very same system that otherwise would’ve found a way to kill him by now had he been a Black (“terrorist.”)

This is why people argue about privilege. This is why people are demanding prison reform. This is why people are demanding that *some* white people do an about face and come down into the real world from the perches they live on. We will never be seen as an equal to some of these white people simply because they live on a perch somewhere above us in a privileged bubble often protected by society and even the law.

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