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An alarming domestic violence story in Canada is a striking reminder why abusive husbands are terrifying

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Especially when said abusive husbands have reported ties to organised crime. According to reports in Canada, a Canadian woman thought by winning her divorce battle and the home she shared with her husband — that she could arrange the sale of said home and eventually move on. Thus, instead of an easy transition after a court-ruling in her favour she’s now the victim of an even wider disaster than before.

According to police in Calgary-Alberta, Natasha Bourdon ‘s husband whom is incarcerated (Trevor Deitz) ordered a hit on the home after a judge’s ruling in Bourdon ‘s favour. That hit wasn’t just something minor either, uh, reports show that Deitz ordered the home be burnt to the ground whether Natasha was present or not.

It appears that Deitz had became sour following the ruling because he had hoped to secure the sale of the home, but, he wanted to put a renter in the home until then. He also didn’t cope well with having to pay the mortgage on the home by the orders of a judge despite the divorce and him being behind bars. He has been sentenced to at least two additional years in prison. It is unclear whether or not they’ve captured the suspects that he used to commit the arson.

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