Early voting begins in #NYC today — here’s a quick guide on what you need to know #VoteEarly

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Good morning friends,

We’re going to be quick here to get you off into your morning. The polls open in New York City today for the first time for this year’s Election. Early voting runs today through November first and will have variating hours depending on the day. By using this link you can find your local polling site (don’t forget your jacket, it’s wicked cold outside right now.)

A few things to remember:

  • Voter intimidation is illegal. Report it to the election authorities/police immediately.
  • Don’t forget your tea or coffee on the way. It seriously is just a wee bit cold outside.
  • Bring your ID/Fast pass!
  • Vote *only* at your polling site which can be located using the link in this article.
  • On weekends, voting will run from 10-4
  • On weekdays, voting begins at 7am.

We ourselves as we also have the right to vote in America will be heading to the polls this morning. If you happen to see us — stop for a picture and we’d love to share them in the papers tomorrow.

Good luck New York!

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