Month: September 2020

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Cruise ships to begin sailing in October, but with one likely dangerous caveat

That caveat being the fact that they’re getting the right to sail only by apparent politically influenced decisions from the tourism industries governing body. According to Axios and the New York Times, the WH is set to ignore the CDC ‘s guidelines on cruise ships and their right to sail so that the state of Florida will get a boost. There’s no way this is going to end well for anyone. Initially, the CDC had reportedly planned to extend the federal no sail order from 31 Oct until mid February. In the beginning, that seemed like a grand idea considering almost every major cruise liner that sailed in 2020 since the pandemic began eventually had an outbreak. But — because of politics and such that ban has been revoked. The Trump Administration ‘s disregard for public health str...
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Kentucky ‘s deeply unpopular AG Daniel Cameron tried to delay audio release, he has now failed to do so

Kentucky ‘s wildly unpopular Attorney General Daniel Cameron has announced today that his office has filed a motion to delay the release of grand jury recordings in the death of Breonna Taylor. According to his office — Cameron is now seeking to delay the recordings by a week or more as they seek to take out names and the like that may incriminate those involved in the case. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron addresses the media in Frankfort, Ky., on Wednesday following the return of a grand jury investigation into the death of Breonna Taylor.   (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley) The Courier-Journal reports that the reported audio proceedings are about 20 hours long and their original form contains the information of those involved. The AG ‘s office wants some of tho...
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Trump; the Proud Boys, and racism ‘s shining moments at #Debates2020

Donald Trump is certainly no stranger to racism; racist rhetoric, or giving straight up shout-outs to people that he otherwise has no business giving such too. But at the Debates last night, Trump wasted no time in giving a shoutout to the Proud Boys (we’ll get to exactly who they are later today.) Who are the Proud Boys? The Proud Boys are an American far-right extremist organization that actively pushes pro-white and anti-black sentiments. Make no mistake, they are nothing short of a domestic terrorism . They are not to be confused with the Black Lives Matter Movement, who for the most part does not actively endorse domestic terrorism or acts of extreme violence.BAZAAR DAILY NEWS, EDITORIAL During the debate, Trump flat out refused a request from moderator Chris Walla...
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LX 2048: Welcome to the future, no really

LX 2048 Guy Moshe ‘s latest movie and the movie in itself is exactly what would be a cross between almost any sci-if movie and an invention by Elon Musk and almost any technological company available today. It’s a hybrid of what looms for us on planet earth quite frankly if technology continues at its present pace. Rating: No Yet Rated Editors Grade: B+ LX 2048 stars a middle-aged (almost) man named Adam Bird as a virtual reality executive pretty much living in just that: a virtual reality simulation and nightmare that is a cross between the real world (or what’s left of it) and the new world. I promise you that wasn’t a reference to the “New World Order” but it could be. Bird is dying from heart failure and is being divorced by his fairly outlandish ex-wife (Ann...
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NYT: Trump used ‘The Apprentice” to create bizarre myth of success

Yet another bombshell NYT story is out and this one is no less damning than the last. In the Times latest story, several reporters spent their time digging deep into Trump ‘s origins and the myth that soon followed the 2004 debut of NBC ‘s The Apprentice. At the time of the show, Trump used said show and the finances that came from it in what the Times calls as an “avenue that led to the con today.” Where did the problems start? They started quick and ballooned from there. The problem with the Apprentice debut spans a variety of areas of Trump ‘s own life. The year before the windfall came Trump reported upwards of $89m in losses but never disclosed that to the public or to his lenders. The following year, Trump received upwards of $200m in direct compensation from his ti...
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Trump ‘s vast legal network revealed + a reminder about voter intimidation

A new report by Politico.com on this Sunday afternoon is plenty reason to raise a few alarms among voters. According to that report, Donald Trump has for the past several months up till now been building quite the legal network in an alleged effort to dispute election results. Politico claims that the impeached-President in fact has hired thousands of lawyers; volunteer attorneys, and poll watchers for the caped-crusade hoping it sways or frightens voters. Editors note: We’d like to remind Americans that voter intimidation is a crime. It is your right no matter who says so to approach the polls and vote. On Election Day, if you’re approached by an “attorney” or another rogue actor — please report that to election officials and the authorities immediately. This hirings m...
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New York once again passes 1k COVID-19 cases a day

New York City might have a COVID problem on its hands again. Over the weekend, officials confirmed that the city is now seeing upwards of 1k cases a day — a first since the major lockdowns over the summer. According to the Daily News, this coincides with the recent announcement that parts of Queens and Brooklyn could see imminent lockdowns because Jewish neighborhoods aren’t abiding by mask/social distancing rules.
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PG&E to sever power to tens-of-thousands of customers once again as fears over wildfires grow

Upwards of 97,000 residential customers across quite a few counties in CA may be going dark starting from pretty much now through Monday. According to the Los Angeles Times (we won’t link because there’s a paywall there, and that’s annoying), PG&E is once again prepping to dismantle power as fears over massive wildfires grow. This would make this at least the 2nd if not the 3rd time in the past several months that residents of California have been subjected to this. According to officials, the counties hit would include Napa and at least 16 nearby counties. It remains unclear exactly whether or not this would be a short outage or a longer one. Millions of acres otherwise have burned across Northern California and beyond.
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Trump has made his choice official for RBG ‘s replacement

As expected, Trump has made his choice to fill RBG ‘s Supreme Court seat official. In a widely criticized press conference on Saturday, Trump confirmed that in fact Amy Coney Barrett (a far-right judge that has some pretty alarming beliefs) is his choice to fill the late Ginsburg ‘s seat. Ahead of the announcement, news of the confirmation had already hit the airwaves and media. News outlets around the world quickly pounced on Barrett ‘s record — some of which suggests she is ironically anti almost everything that doesn’t fit even the most wildest of conservative agendas. President Donald Trump walks with Judge Amy Coney Barrett to a news conference to announce Barrett as his nominee to the Supreme Court, in the Rose Garden at the White House, Saturday, Sept. 26, 2020, i...
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Earth has 8 continents

Editors Note: We’re starting something new here at The Daily News. Every day we will be sharing weird facts; fun facts, and odd things we think people might find interesting. Some of these things some of you probably have never heard of — which makes this all the more fun. This series will focus on both past and present things. ————— In this article, we explore the world in which we live and the environment that comes with it. According to this previously written article, the earth or “planet” in which we live on actually has about 8 known continents. Scientists actually argued at the time of the publication of this article that the continent should be included on map’s we see everyday (hint: it isn’t.) Based on geological definitions of a continent, the Earth actually has ...
2020 U.S Elections

U.S Press Sec now says Trump *will* accept election results

Lying Press Secretary Kayleigh is no stranger to telling very differentiating versions of stories. On Thursday, Kayleigh publicly took to the podium in the White House to declare that Trump would indeed accept the results of the upcoming November election — if he were to actually lose the election. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany speaks during a news conference at the White House on Thursday.   (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky) The president will accept the result of a free and fair election," Kayleigh McEnany told reporters Thursday. "He will accept the will of the American people."
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Mary L. Trump returns to the headlines once again

Donald Trump ‘s niece Mary L. Trump is back in the headlines. According to the New York Times, Mary filed a lawsuit this week targeting Trump and his family for their past alleged wrongdoings in squandering inheritances; conning people into signing forms they had no idea what they were about, and pretty much keeping tune to the fraud they’ve done for years. The suit goes back years into the Trump family ‘s dark past. In fact, it goes back far enough to before Fred Trump died and then picked up shortly afterwards. Mary alleges in multiple documents that Trump; his sister Maryanne, and their birdbrain brother all co-conspired against her as a teenager in conning her into signing away her millions. She never actually saw a dime of the money she says she was rightfully entitled too. ...
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Four arrested in Iowa after Black man’s body discovered burning in ditch

KELLOGG, IOWA —- Heartbreaking news in Iowa today as it has emerged that local police are dealing with a grim find and one helluva story. According to what we’ve learned, Kellogg police are investigating the murder of Michael Williams, a Black man who was found burning alive in a ditch in the quaint town. Now here’s where it gets interesting. In several published reports out this morning, Kellogg police have made it their mission to deny claims that it appeared that he may have been killed over his race. Police, however, did then note that one of the men arrested (there were 3 men and a woman) were for whatever reason white. SUSPECTS: Steven Vogel (white), 31, Cody Johnson, 29 of Grinnell, Julia Cox (Vogel ‘s own mother), Roy Gardner (accessory). View the full comp...
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We’ve got something to say

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Canada is expected to block entry by Americans through the holidays: Report

Looks like no American will be able to get through the Canadian border for the foreseeable future. According to Reuters Canada, Canadian border officials are prepared to keep the border sealed through at least the end of November or longer as the battle over the Coronavirus continues in the US. Conflicting reports have emerged however indicating that the closure date could be through 21 October or through the end of November. Either way, the Canadian ‘s have made it clear that due to the medical negligence on behalf of America —- that they need to stay out. Essential travelers (truck drivers and medical personnel) can still enter from America.
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