America ‘s wealthy and sheltered politicians can’t come to a stimulus deal, meanwhile ordinary Americans suffer

While millions of Americans are on the brink of either partial or total financial disaster, Washington ‘s wealthy politicians are sitting comfortably.

While Washington ‘s wealthy sit cosy in their offices; homes, and fancy cars ordinary Americans are on the brink of losing just some of those things. While Washington ‘s richest sit well-fed in their mansions; multiple homes, and more — ordinary Americans are struggling to put food on the table mostly through no fault of their own.

But as the weekend came into gear this week, politicians on both sides of the aisle couldn’t come to any form of a stimulus deal because they don’t represent the American people. Instead, er, they represent their endless case(s) of special interests and what certain groups want in that stimulus bill — rather than what their constituents need.

House Democrats led negotiations into the weekend as they reportedly began their latest talk(s) with the idea that if Republicans would increase their bill from $1T to $2T they would go down from $3T to $2T. Alike Manny proposals by House Democrats, Republicans appear to be unwilling to make such a change. On Friday, Treasury Secretary Steve Munchin all but confirmed that wouldn’t happen.

Leading Democrat Chuck Schumer pretty much had this to say, per CNN, about the latest round of negotiations.

“The House doesn’t have the votes to go south of $2 trillion, the Senate Democrats can’t go south of 2 trillion, so that’s what compromise is all about,” Schumer said. “Because there are 20 Republicans who don’t want to vote anything that doesn’t mean the whole thing should shift in their direction. You have to meet in the middle.”

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Sticking points? So glad you asked.

According to multiple reports — Congressional Democrats are attempting to discuss and negotiate several key aspects of the financial life of almost any modern American adult. First and foremost, that means that Democrats are seeking to discuss all possible avenues in which an adult would’ve been troubled by the Coronavirus.

A major point? Two reports out Friday indicate that Democrats want to have some form of indefinite student loan forgiveness on the table. With less than a month to go, it is imperative that such gets addressed because student loan interest rates and payments often can be astronomical. As of now, those backed by the general requirements to have their loans frozen are frozen until September. Those in fact with private lenders albeit actually are not.

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