Report: Washington on alert amid concerns that Trump won’t accept election results if he loses

In the event that Donald Trump loses the election whether or not he accepts those results remains to be seen. In a recent interview, Trump toyed with the idea that he’d have to “see what he could do” if he actually lost because the “results would be fake.”.

According to CNN, experts believe that Trump may contest the election given his most recent appearance on Fox News. During that now hotly watched interview — Trump made it clear that he would cite “fake news” and “rigged election” if the polls continue to slide and he in fact loses. Particularly, with that interview coupled with the fact that the Coronavirus has uprooted American life as most know it.

To contest the results would mean that Trump would have to quintessentially prove that the election was or would have been indeed marred by widespread fraud. For much of his administration, Trump has falsely claimed that mail-in ballots would lead to widespread fraud and voter misappropriations which are in almost all possible case(s) things that never occur.

Making matters worse for the Republican Party, much of the recent discovery of mail-in ballot voter fraud problems actually comes from people attempting to help the Republican Party. As previously reported by this link, a Republican Senator was arrested after having did the aforementioned act himself.

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