Manhattan tech CEO decapitated by a professional killer: Reports

In what the NYPD is calling a professional killing — a popular and rather wealthy tech CEO is violently dead this week after being decapitated in his own apartment. Police say that Fahim Saleh is believed to be the dismembered victim that was found inside of his Lower East Side Manhattan apartment yesterday, although an identification has been quite hard.

Saleh was best perhaps known for a string of successful ride-sharing apps across multiple regions of the world. A Bangladeshi-American — he prided himself on his work and most recently had launched one of his apps in Nigeria.

Multiple reports confirmed that the suspect in the killing reportedly found Saleh in the elevator of the apartment. Sporting gloves; a mask, and pretty much concealing his identity — Saleh was noticeably a bit creeped out on the elevator. Police do believe that the killer followed Saleh into his apartment and then professionally killed him.

It was so gruesome that the killer reportedly left his legs; part of his torso, and other parts of his body in carefully placed bags in the apartment. To add even a further chilling feat to the story, police say that a large electric power saw was indeed found near the bags and appeared to be the murder weapon.

One standout fact about the murder: police believe this was professional because there wasn’t a trace of blood left behind.

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