Authorities are now using sonar equipment and robots to locate the body of #NayaRivera

The disappearance of Naya Rivera (we’re saying disappearance here because her body has not yet been found confirming a death) has sparked headlines and theories around the world. The former Glee Star as many of you know disappeared recently after what should’ve been an innocent trip to Lake Piru in California.

Image used for informational purposes due to the fact Naya Rivera is currently a missing persons.

Now several days later, authorities are confirming that the rescue mission to recover her body now includes sonar equipment and robots to help them search the floor of the murky northern area of Lake Piru.

The area in which she disappeared, according to authorities is rather deep and often pretty murky given recent conditions. The robots in question and the sonar equipment hopefully may help police attempt to locate Rivera, or better, locate clues as to what may have happened.

It’s worth noting that in very rare instances people lost at sea or perceived to have drowned have turned up alive before. Although not at all common until a body has been discovered — nobody may really ever know what happened to Naya Rivera.

Status as of Saturday:

Naya Rivera remains missing and “presumed dead” after having disappeared in Lake Piru while on a boating trip with her son Josey. Josey reportedly told police that his mother did not get back on the boat with him — her ID and her life jacket were both found on the boat when he was.

Authorities have located so far no sign of Rivera in the water(s). Sonar equipment and robots so far as of this writing have not turned up any credible sign Rivera ‘s body or clothing in the water.

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What this means?

What does this mean?

It means that as of this writing she remains in presumed dead status. Presumed Dead means that authorities have legally declared someone dead after having disappeared. However — presumed dead also legally means that a body has not been found and no credible sign of death has either. This means that Naya Rivera will remain presumed dead until either her body is found or a credible theory emerges from her disappearance.

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