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[Viewer Discretion Advised] Terrifying photos emerge from within Italy ‘s government imposed Coronavirus quarantine zones

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The following images are from within Italy ‘s government imposed quarantine zone spanning 16m people and beginning in the North.

The photos are believed to be from within the Lombardy region posted online by an Italian magazine. Some patients are seen laying face down — as officials believe it helps increase blood oxygen levels.

A statement from the Italian government reads as follows as of Monday:

‘We want to protect the health of all citizens, we are aware that this will create unease and that these measures will be a sacrifice, big and small,’ Giuseppe Conte said in an address last night. 

‘But this is the time to be responsible. We all must respect and not dodge these measures.

‘We should not counter these measures or dodge them, we must think about protecting our health, the health of our beloved ones, the health of our parents, but mainly the health of our grandparents,’ he said, warning that older people have proved the most vulnerable to the virus. 

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