The fight to free Megan from the atrocious assholes at 1501 is on. On Monday, Megan hitched up the stallion and her legal team and took honchos from 1501 to court over their blocking of her latest material.

A district judge granted Megan’s case and provided her team with a temporary restraining order stopping 1501 from blocking upcoming releases. The move comes after Meg reportedly fished out what she thought was foul in her contract in front of the judge — who presumably agreed that something wasn’t right.

1501 Certified per the suit hasn’t provided Meg an updated roll sheet (an invoice of she should expect pretty much); hasn’t explained why, has blocked releases on her behalf, and apparently keeps a monster chunk of all of her earnings.

Interestingly, the suit revealed that 1501 Certified takes about 60 percent of Meg’s earnings leaving her about 40. But in that revelation, it then became known that the men behind 1501 apparently make Meg pay engineers (etc) from her own earnings and what is left is actually hers (which obviously isn’t much when you think about it.)

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