ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA —- Quite the story in Pennsylvania this evening as images of a reported landlord/tenant letter from Hyman Properties has surfaced online. In the letter, Hyman Properties openly claims that it has the right to disable cable service on tenants — an eery claim that we weren’t able to independently confirm was actually valid.

It must be noted that in Pennsylvania evictions are legally halted and will not take place. The Supreme Court handed down a ruling that said evictions won’t occur until 3 of April, and even then, it appears that even more rulings suggest that evictions are halted for the foreseeable future.

The letter also goes on to demand that rent be paid on time; in full, and in usual fashion and that it is not Hyman’s problem that literally half of the world is under mandatory quarantine orders.

Screenshot Credits: Name withheld to prevent retaliation against anybody.

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