Because well your dentist might just be in quarantine; it might be a little far while you’re in quarantine yourself, or whatever the reason may actually be. Despite such — whitening and caring for your teeth is still very important while in quarantine and taking care of your family.

The only peroxide you should actually be using for this. It specifically says useable as a rinse or “oral agent.”

To make your own excellent teeth whitening mixture the following ingredients are pretty simple (and generally must be followed as they’re written.)

  1. You’ll need an ORAL hydrogen peroxide agent (there’s a huge difference here. One type of peroxide is useable in your mouth the other isn’t.)
  2. I like to use a fresh bottle of water.
  3. A cup.
  4. Mix EQUAL amounts of fresh water and oral peroxide together. (ex: 1/4 x 1/4.).
  5. After mixing — gargle hum to your favourite song for roughly 1 minute (as long as it doesn’t hurt your mouth) and spit. Try your best not to actually swallow the mixture.

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