EVANSTON, ILLINOIS. — Big news this Saturday morning as news of reparations in Illinois has become official. According to officials in Evanston, a vote took place on 25 of November to fund a reparations fund for Black residents disproportionately hit by unjust laws and policies and slavery (among other things). That fund will reportedly be funded by marijuana tax which will now be taxed at a rate of 3%.

The small business proceedings of a local marijuana dispensary in Portland, Oregon. Stock Image.

The town estimates that the tax will raise upwards of about $750,000 a year. The fund hopes to rebuild areas of Evanston hit hardest by unjust and unfair policies; histories of slavery, and those unfairly arrested. It will also primarily help black residents stay in their homes — mostly after high property taxes in areas like the North Shore forced them out.

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