After last nights horrendous Twitter frenzy that had the world thinking the Queen died — we’ve compiled a list of common things that the press is aware of in the event of her death.

1. Upon her death…

A man in mourning clothes will emerge from Buckingham Palace after things have been situated and place a notice on the palace gates. That notice will declare the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

2. RATS – not literal ones. RATS is a wartime ration transmission that goes out to radio; tv stations, and newspapers across Britain. It’ll primarily hit news stations of which the casters will be required to wear black.

3. pilots…

Will be required to announce the death of the Queen during their flights.

4. If following a bizarre radio transmission Briton’s hear strange music — chances are something terrible has happened.

5. When the Queen Dies most newspapers and organizations …

Already have their obituaries ready. The term used for her death is LONDON HAS FALLEN. That is not a reference to that awful movie. It is a code word for the death of the Queen that was revealed to the press several years ago.

6. News will trickle out to the royal family

Not all members of the family live in the main palace. Therefore, members will be informed by others as notices are placed to the public.

7. The Queen’s death…

Will become a public national holiday as will the coronation of the King.

8. The palace’s website will change colour. If you notice the website has suddenly changed it means the Queen has passed away. Notice the website has never changed. It is only meant to change to symbolise her death.

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