Okay so let’s begin. Back in 2017 at LA pride, most people on the circuit knew of Demetrius Jenkins and knew that although he has his nice moments he is most certainly pretty toxic. I first learned that back when he was dating a man named Steven, but tried to keep it from the blogs and failed tremendously doing so. At first glance when I saw the initial video online — I knew he looked familiar but couldn’t place him anywhere….

ICYMI: On December 3rd we published more videos that made their way into our inbox… Click Here.

But then……. a little birdie brought me back to 2017 LA Pride.

This was at a time that Jenkins was known to grasp to his masculinity and alleged “heterosexuality” by literal straws. That summer it came to be that he was indeed “bi-sexual” which is totally fine.. but what isn’t fine is the fact that Jenkins is perpetually angry and makes it appear as if something is wrong that he is into men/a bottom.

And then 2019 came around. 2019 came around and you guessed it on came the Onlyfans videos; booty videos, risque images, and references to “wigs”. It appears that for all intents and purposes .. Jenkins has at least in some form come to terms with the fact that he is one of the gays.

In the midst of the intentional marketing ploy on behalf of Jenkins (because let’s keep it real he did this for/to himself) .. he released the following video online.

The problem with men like Demetrius isn’t the fact that they may be a bottom; gay, or into men (or bi in his case so he says). It’s all within this video right here and pretty crystal clear.

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