Making sense of that America ‘s Got Talent Situation

Because from the way it seems it seems like NBC and the programme has some explaining to do. According to the original article in Variety, Gabrielle Union and Hough were both dropped from being judges’ next season after speaking up about alleged racist jokes made on set.

First and foremost, let’s point out the. fact that nobody should be surprised that NBC is the one accused of racism. This is the same network that helped Matt Lauer cover-up his acts against women and his vile behavior as one of the most powerful men in journalism.

But that’s another story. Back to Union & Hough ‘s firing from the next season for speaking up about long-reported and often chronic toxic workspace environments on pretty much any NBC area of work.

Variety first reported that Union was fired for speaking up about alleged anti-Asian racist sentiments that were made by none other than disgusting comedian Jay Leno. Although the apparent. jokes were reportedly edited out of the episode in question, Union was very uncomfortable with the situation regardless and decidedly spoke up about the situation.

As a result, Union says she was not only fired for speaking up but then told that another problem was actually more important. Union alleges that she was told that her hairstyles on set and the like were “often too black” and therefore had caused a problem for production and the like. What exactly is too black for a hairstyle?