Month: March 2019

Afternoon Roundup, Fresh News

Donald Trump ‘s former driver arrested by ICE

Time and time again the world learns that the supposed anti-immigration Trump, uh, is and has always been the biggest immigration offender there is. According to records obtained by multiple outlets,  Trump 's former associate and driver Zoltan Tamas was detained this week in Trump 's ongoing immigration crackdown. "Zoltan wasn't caught crossing the border," says his lawyer, Mario Urizar. "He was in the country legally, paying taxes and has no criminal record in the United States. Why would you keep him detained? They should use their discretionary power to release him." The twist here is that he was apparently a year or so, uh, convicted in absentia of insurance fraud back home in Romania.  He first began working for the Trump Organization as a security guard in 2006 -- quickly having...
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Lawyer attempts to defend Anna Sorokin, NYC ‘s ‘Soho Grifter”

Wednesday marked opening statements in the Soho Grifter trial, and, just as one would humorously expect they were absolutely made for T.V. In the defense's opening statement, they reportedly tried to defend Sorokin 's bizarre scam citing "she had to do it her way". Todd Spodek explained, "In her world this is what her social circle did. Everyone’s life was perfectly curated for social media. People were fake. People were phony. And money was made on hype alone.” While this may ring true in Delvey's delusional world, uh,  that isn't quite what prosecutors are trying to paint.   According to prosecutors, "In short, she stole, she stole from banks, she stole from hotels, she stole from friends, she tried to steal from a hedge fund." It is widely believed that Sorokin ("aka Anna Delvey) m...
Afternoon Roundup, Fresh News

The glaring and juicy details about Anna Delvey NYC ‘s “Fabulous German Grifter”

By: Saint Marciela Germaine & Sultan H. Khane II Anna Delvey is equal part cunning, as, she is equal part devilishly gossip-worthy.   For those that don't know Anna Sorokin (aka Anna Delvey) managed to bamboozle NYC 's richest out of thousands of dollars for damn near a decade.  In fact, her scam went so far she passed herself off allegedly as a German oil heiress worth about $60m.   Her scam actually allegedly started at the super-swanky Soho hotel located at 11 Howard.  Sorokin a 28-year-old mega grifter had help in her scam in part due to the fact that she noticeably appeared the opposite of a filthy rich foreign girl in Manhattan. A now widely-read and uber famous New Yorker profile on Sorokin described her in a simple way: The fiery red-haired young woman; believably wealthy, ...
Afternoon Roundup, Fresh News

The true story of Anna Delvey, the Soho Grifter

This article is about an ongoing legal case in NYC. The case is against a Russian woman nicknamed the Soho Grifter. Sorokin, 28, allegedly scammed people out of tens of thousands of dollars; swindled hotels out of month-long stays, and even mingled among the rich and famous at 11 Waldorf. Anna's story just simply goes to show that New Yorkers will believe just about anything as long as one allegedly fits into their socialized stigma. The problem? None of it was real and she was using some pretty Bling Ring type skills to make this happen. Court records show that Sorokin began her scam using fake loans from banks; even conned her own friends, and awkwardly pretended to be a German heiress worth $60M. Sorokin famously went on about her scam using the identity of one Anna Delvey. She mas...
Afternoon Roundup

A gay man has contracted HIV while on Prep: Report

Big news on the front of HIV and PREP medication information.   While this report has not fully been confirmed, it, has been vetted to be at least partially accurate.  Officials in Australia have reportedly confirmed that this man has indeed contracted HIV, however, would not confirm or deny anything beyond that. Dr. Lisa Sterman holds up a Truvada pill, an HIV treatment pill used to prevent infection in people at high risk of getting the AIDS virus. Jeff Chiu, AP Earlier this week, it surfaced that an Australian man (who has been on PreP for some time) allegedly contracted the virus even while taking the pill. But,  after carefully looking around the web, we discovered that there is/was actually a piece missing to this shocking story.  The man, identified as 27-year-old...
Fresh News

Former porn actors Kash Dinero, Rico Pruitt announce enga​gement

Looks like the two most annoying figures in adult film (formerly, at least) have announced their engagement to the world. Pruitt and Dinero have only actually been together for a few months, and, have as of late been engaged in a number of social media spats with various actual celebrities. View the post on Instagram.
Fresh News

Gay principal gets job back after having hooked up with two students on Grindr: Report

A very interesting tale out of the U.K. According to multiple blogs, a UK primary school is in the headlines after a gay principal apparently got his job back. Now under normal circumstances, this, would be a great thing -- if he hadn't previously been accused of sleeping with two underage students. Matthew Aplin, the reported principal, lost his job after the claims originally surfaced. Tywyn Primary in Neath Port Talbot in Wales now apparently says that Aplin should have never lost his job, because, they allegedly claim that had it been two young girls he wouldn't of lost his job. Officials apparently compared the case to the idea that had this been tinder, and, with two heterosexual young girls nothing would have happened (and Aplin would've never been fired). Basically, ...
Afternoon Roundup

Shannade Clermont is still awaiting trial for fraud; theft, and more

1/2 of the bratty Claremont Twin duo is still on the lamb for credit card theft; fraud, and a shit-ton of other charges relating to what happened last. year. According to court records obtained by The Daily News, Shannade is still appealing to the idea that she could spend the next 20 years behind bars. 20 years for essentially stealing a dead mans credit card; phone, and wallet and then proceeding to go on a massive shopping spree in his name. Here's what we found out a while back about the incident. Shannade allegedly met a man for a money-for-sex type situation in a fancy hotel room, where, she had also allegedly used the fake name "Audrey" to get past security and the front-desk. From there things escalated pretty quickly when the man, per records, turned up dead hours lat...
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Charges dropped against Jussie Smollett

CHICAGO -- Interesting developments in the case against Jussie Smollett. As many have already learned and reported, Chicago, has dropped the charges that he faked a racist attack by two Trump supporters allegedly wearing MAGA hats. Why they were dropped appears to still be a mystery. According to the Cook County DA 's office, the charges were dropped because there "would have been no point in prosecuting" considering Jussie has already served community service. His records are now apparently signed and sealed. Police however are back peddling on the claims made by Cook County, uh, citing that there was definitely enough evidence to charge and convict him officially.
Afternoon Roundup, Fresh News

Amanda Knox confirms she will return to Italy

Years after she got away with killing her roommate, Amanda Knox, is set to return to the same place that almost put her away for life. According to reports, Know apparently feels the selfish-need to return to Italy so "that she can heal" but probably isn't thinking that nobody actually wants her there. "I have an amazing family and friends and an incredible support network," she said, per the Sun. "But you have got to face up to your fears alone if you want to heal and I know the main thing that still terrifies me most is returning to Italy."
Fresh News

Quiz: How Liberal Are You?

[HDquiz quiz = 20131] Take our Quiz to humorously determine how liberal you are based on some of the current most polarising figures in American politics.
Afternoon Roundup

There’s a massive new food recall, over concerns about listeria contamination

Food recalls are nothing new, but, at the rate in which they occur in America one would be shocked that there is any safe food to eat anymore. According to reports, avocados grown in and near the state of California (and six others) have largely been recalled over fears of listeria contamination. Henry Avocado 's says that all of their avocados grown in recent weeks have been recalled after listeria was found in their facility. The facility confirmed that the shipments were in tow to Florida, California, North Carolina, Arizona, Wisconsin and New Hampshire.
Afternoon Roundup

AG ‘s “Mueller Summary” sounds like Trump wrote it

The past two years have been blindly obvious, but now, there's a report from AG Barr claiming that Donald Trump has committed "no crime" and that "obstruction never happened". But it's worth noting that according to the report itself, ehum, obstruction was never ruled out nor was Trump fully exonerated. On Sunday, parts of the report [made public by Barr in his own summary] hit nationwide news stations -- almost immediately being dissected. Conveniently, in the midst of the AG 's report claiming he's clear, Republicans across the board are all of a sudden Team Mueller. Meanwhile, House Democrats and the Judiciary Committee have all convened on the summary citing that it is "significantly insufficient" and the full report must be made public. "The fact that Special Co...
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Facebook had access to unprotected passwords, secretly stored them: Facebook

FACEBOOK     has apparently admitted to the fact that they've secretly kept an unsecured database in the writeable format of unprotected passwords from their site.  In an interview and a blog post on their own site, Facebook copped to the previously reported security breach amid concerns that FB is once again recklessly handling private information. SEE the post from Kreb Security that revealed the massive password breach.  Facebook has now claimed that they have found no further issues, however, couldn't explain who thought it was a good idea to do this. "In the course of our review, we have been looking at the ways we store certain other categories of information — like access tokens — and have fixed problems as we’ve discovered them," the company said. "There is nothing more import...
Fresh News

Women in New Zealand are the real MVP ‘s of the week

Following the Christchurch Massacre earlier this month, New Zealand, is coming together in ways that much of the western world has never done. Now a new movement has sprung, and, it is just as inspiring as it sounds. https://twitter.com/EvedeCastro/status/1108925130678272001?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.buzzfeednews.com%2Farticle%2Famberjamieson%2Fnew-zealand-women-headscarves Hijabs for Harmony, a movement to empower and make women feel safe (especially for those who are actually Muslim) is taking flight all across NZ and we couldn't be happier. https://twitter.com/WorldwideCleve/status/1108914965472137218?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.buzzfeednews.com%2Farticle%2Famberjamieson%2Fnew-zeala...
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