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Longreads: What the Roger Stone indictment means for Trump

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With the news that one of Trump ‘s key allies and henchmen was arrested over the weekend, several talking points, have emerged.  Among those talking points, perhaps,  people are asking what that may mean for the dutifully unliked President of the United States. Stones’ indictment, which we have a copy of, notes that he has been charged with 7 federal crimes.

The indictment begins with one familiar charge we’ve heard thrown around with Trump’s name itself.

Obstruction of Justice.   In the wee hours of the night over the course of the week, Mueller, ordered sight-unseen raids on Stone’s Florida home.     FBI agents arrested Stone, and, charged him with 1 count of obstructing a congressional investigation (Title 18 USC 1505 and 2).  This is perhaps where Mueller ‘s latest move finally makes sense, so much sense, that people are finally beginning to understand what’s the hold-up in the infamously labeled “Witch Hunt”.


Most of the time, in previous cases like those that involve white-collar crimes,  people have been largely and quietly afforded the opportunity to surrender on their own accord. But the fact that the solemnly quiet; professional, and refuses-to-speak-to-the-media Mueller obviously wanted to send a very clear message to any and everybody involved.

Federal crimes, some in which that carry up to 20 years in prison, will not be tolerated by the otherwise sight-unseen special prosecutor. 

This is where it gets pretty interesting, and, offers several key concepts and glimpses into Mueller’s thinking. The indictment lays out a particular situation in which involves Roger Stone and someone known as “Person 2”.   “Person 2” would actually go on to be identified (later in the indictment) as comedian Randy Credico [who did not want to comment for this story we might add].

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Stone, no stranger to famous figures and movie lines,  apparently had quite the conversation with Credico. A conversation that investigators allege was an attempt to “overthrow a congressional testimony” by inserting Stone’s own influence.   The indictment (“laughable”) goes on to reveal that Stone stole several who-dun-it moments from the Godfather II.  An act was largely seen by the special prosecutor as “symbolic” because it would go on to reveal just how far Stone was going to insert his “dark approach” to politics.

It’s worth noting that the White House has already claimed that Stone has nothing to do with Trump. 

Regrettably,  Stone used that conversation as an attempt to “hysterically” pull a “Frank Pentangeli.” For those that did not watch the Godfather (this has been humorously quoted by numerous outlets at this point)  that is the act in which one of the characters testified before Congress, uh, and then killed himself.

One of the texts, send directly from Mr. Stone, reads like a plot to commit a murder.

“Stonewall it. Plead the fifth. Anything to save the plan…..Richard Nixon.” the text message reads.

A text message that is proving damning for Roger Stone, because, it appears that said text message has become one of the many cornerstones for his own indictment.  Richard Nixon ‘s (“biggest fan”) has single-handedly brought himself down with his own reference to Richard Nixon — in a bizarre plot to assist in overthrowing an American election.

Point short: If  Stone turns on Trump and offers up the information alleged and presented in the indictment, Trump, certainly may not make it through 2019 as President.

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See the full indictment here. JasonStonefull

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