Month: December 2018

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The truth about the U.K’s “Web Sheriff” organisation

Bloggers; music sites, newspapers and more -- we've all been there. If you own a website or company of any kind in the United Kingdom (and even beyond) you've probably heard of the aforementioned Web Sheriff organisation. An organisation that actually is pretty worthless, and, actually doesn't understand basic copyright laws let alone much else. Web Sheriff has a long and controversial history with bogus threats; forged documents, and flat-out lying to websites. In the first point I'll make, uh, Web Sheriff was once embroiled in a controversy involving none other than Taoi Cruiz (whose name is actually a really cool African name). Web Sheriff reportedly, at the time, sent a fake birth certificate using the name "Jacob Taoi Cruz" to a website called MusicBrainz.com. Unfort...
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4 Tips To Acrylic Pouring With Kids

  4 Tips to acrylic pouring with kids One time or another you might have encountered a painting which did not seem like it was done by hand or through the use of ordinary paint brushes. Such paintings are often done using a technique known as acrylic pouring. If you have never heard of this method, you may click here for information. It is a fun activity which can even be done with kids. Below are a few tips which you can use while doing so. 1.    Remember it will be messy Acrylic pouring is a fun and interesting form of painting which leads to the creation of beautiful pieces. The end product, however, does not come easily since the whole process can tend to get quite messy. Consider, therefore, doing this outdoors, where it will be much easier to clean up and you do...
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Post Christmas Chaos! Blizzards and heavy rains gnarl American travellers

Flights across America are feeling the delay this weekend, as, heavy rain and major blizzards are blanketing much of the midwest and beyond. According to the National Weather Service; American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and at least one airline who asked not to be named -- thousands of flights have been cancelled due to "extreme or severe weather that as normal would ground or interrupt normal flight travel". Officials in at least two states (one being Louisiana) have confirmed that at least two people have died due to the inclement weather as of this writing. In Louisiana, a 58-year-old elderly woman died after a tree reportedly fell on her camper according to CNN Affiliate WDSU. In Dallas alone, as Friday kicked off, more than 300 flights were ordered grounded as heavy rains...
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District fires referee who forced wrestler to cut his hair

  Looks like justice has been served for the jackass that forced an innocent wrestler to cut his hair, or, be forced to forfeit a game.  The New Jersey School District that reportedly employed former referee Alan Maloney, uh, has confirmed that he has been fired in wake of the racially charged incident. Earlier this month, uh, Maloney gave Andrew Johnson, 16, an ultimatum. An ultimatum that included cutting his beloved dreadlocks, or,  forfeiting the game. Presumably, and as assumed, the ultimatum caused almost instant backlash online.  Turns out, uh, Johnson didn't actually have to cut his hair to continue to play in the game. The  racially charged incident occurred literally at the hands of Maloney, thankfully, whom is now out of a job. Johnson's parents released the following st...
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Government shutdown in U.S to last well into 2019

Families in the federal workforce will continue to reel from the government shutdown. According to reports, uh, Democrats and Republicans alike in the Senate met for all of four minutes this evening. Four minutes that literally lasted enough to glance at each other, and, walk away. As one report put it, uh, the shutdown is looking like it will last until (hopefully) next Wednesday. The photo below is one of many examples of things in Washington. Trash collectors in simple places like the National Mall, uh, aren't even collecting the freaking trash. The Senate is not set to reconvene until Wednesday, when, things will be back in session. As per the usual, uh, it looks like politicians are headed out for the New Year (meanwhile, uh, actually working people in Washington are stuck without p...
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Minimum wage in NYC Is officially going up this week

All hail New Yorkers. If you're in New York City (literally, the city) or work in the area -- come the last day of the month your pay is getting a bump. In accordance with the new law, NYC, is finally set to begin ordering businesses to pay their workers a fair wage. Uh, hum, that being $15 h./r. Businesses with 11 or more people are mandated to the law, and those lower than that, must pay at least $13 h/r. In a state marred by soaring rental costs; food costs, and more -- the extra cash certainly will be of help to an everyday family or individual.
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Rihanna confirms new album for 2019

  Big news in music this month.   This month, Rihanna, confirmed that next year will mark the release of her latest album. According to Rap-Up, RiRi will release her next album "R9" sometime next year. The album coincides with an apparent double-sided project. that also explores her deep Caribbean roots. https://twitter.com/TeamOfRihanna/status/1076546655288213504?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1076546655288213504&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.rap-up.com%2F2018%2F12%2F23%2Frihanna-confirms-new-album-for-2019%2F
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[Warning- Graphic Content] Court documents detail Kevin Spacey ‘s BIZARRE behaviour

  Newly discovered court documents in the case against Kevin Spacey are pretty damn intense. Before we continue, we'd like to issue a graphic content warning.  Reading beyond this line contains explicit references and may not be suitable for all audiences. Court documents place Kevin Spacey at The Club Car in Nantucket on  8 July 2016.     What happens next, uh, is something straight out of a Harvey Weinstein playbook. Docs claim that  Spacey then met the son of Heather Unruh at the bar, where, he quickly began sexually approaching him. By approaching him, uh, we're talking about "bragging about his manhood;  asking the boy what his looked like, and then proceeded to unzip his pants" reads one of the documents.  The same document, also confirmed by multiple other reports, goes on ...
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Kevin Spacey ‘s accuser has video footage: Court Documents

Big developments in the perverted case against Kevin Spacey. According to reports, including one from MassLive,  the accuser apparently took a Snapchat video as proof that night that Spacey sexually assaulted him. It is the first time that apparent video footage has surfaced in any one singular police report. The case revolves about the young son of a Nantucket news producer identified as Heather Unruh.  The incident, per MassLive, was first reported to police on 31 October  2016 -- and state police were contacted about a year or so later.  Space is slated to be arraigned in early January. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZveA-NAIDI
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Here are the album releases happening in 2019

Music is going to get off to a pretty big start in 2019. According to a leaked reveal from Polydor Records -- everybody from Lamar; Gaga, Madonna and more are all releasing records from their label. https://twitter.com/PopCrave/status/1077655701533663232?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1077655701533663232&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.rap-up.com%2F2018%2F12%2F26%2Fkendrick-lamar-may-release-new-album-in-2019%2F
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Friends cast making boku bucks decades on

Thanks in part (actually in all) to syndication. According to Market Watch, each of the top four Friends cast members are raking in $20m a year in syndication. And with Netflix keeping the show on their platform into next year, presumably, their earnings will go much higher next year according to analysts.
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Introducing Hallway Harry: White Edition

Another day, uh, another crazy white person coming after a black person for living in a "white place". Because we have absolutely nothing nice to say about "Hallway Harry" -- here you go. Courtesy of the Twitter user attached, who, identified himself via his page. https://twitter.com/ChikaO_13/status/1075775181522489345
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Merry Christmas from Our Family To Yours

This post is very important to me, because, I am unable to make it home this year. Due to several obligations, and then health issues, it ended up being better off for me to stay in New York City. But let's begin. I'd like to take this moment to wish everybody out there a very merry holiday season. This is the time of year that we should all be brought together, no matter our differences, and enjoy the time we have on this earth. I (SHK); Sierra, Dexter, Jourdain, Nikki, Tayvon, Chantelle, and everybody else at our papers are so honoured for the continued success and happiness each of you bring us. The world we live in today is so divided and biased, that, it truly is a breathe of fresh air to be able to spend time with our loved ones. And for those that have lost love...
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Shocking developments in case of missing Colorado Mom

Colorado authorities investigating the disappearance of Colorado Mom Mrs Berreth.  Police told several outlets on Sunday that evidence, uh, more than 700 miles away has been discovered.  Per police, ehum, it appears that the evidence has been found clear-the-fuck in Idaho. Investigators are still honing in on the idea that they believe that Berreth was killed inside her home.  Earlier this week,  finance Mr. Frazee was arrested and charged with her "murder" even though authorities have yet to actually locate a body or any sign of life.   Mr. Frazee has told several inconsistencies at this point to crime scene officials.  [wpvideo ukcLOQjK] Here's what we know: Mrs Berreth 's cell phone last pinged on 25 November in Twin Falls.  That alone, uh, has ...
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The Queen is headed to Christmas, early

Queen Elizabeth II is officially headed away for the holidays. On Sunday, Queen Elizabeth, left Buckingham Palace to head to her first official holiday church session. The Queen and daughter-in-law Sophie of Wessex entered church together, ahead, of their scheduled departure to Sandringham for Christmas.  All members of the royal family are expected to attend Christmas dinner with the Queen.
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