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EXCLUSIVE: One of the final photos of Joe Jackson surfaces online

Days after the death of  Joe Jackson,  a photo, has appeared online that has sparked questions.    The photo appears to show what is Joe Jackson with his niece.   The photo -  features Stevanna Jackson the daughter of Randy Jackson (and Eliza) . We can't help but point out the alarming resemblance to Janet Jackson herself (no shade). The Daily News was unable to confirm when the photo was taken, however,   it does look like it may have been taken in the past year as Joe looks pretty recent in the photo.    
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About Last Night: Star Pics; Red Carpet Glam, and More

The stars were out in force last night,  no matter the scene, their fashion choices certainly popped.  Rounding up our favorite 3  stars and their looks, should we love them or should we burn them?  Amy Adams Adams arriving at the HBO premiere of Sharp Objects in Los Angeles on 26 June 2018. 2. Angela Sarafyan Also at the 26 June premiere of Sharp Objects for HBO, Sarafyan stunned in a bright  canary yellow   ensemble for the big day. 3. Paris Jackson At the Paris Hilton x Boohoo Launch party in Hollywood this week,  the Jackson family heiress looked lovely in a pink jumpsuit. Our weekly Love it Or Burn It  column  goes up for publication on Friday.

Wynona Judd’s daughter followed in her family’s prison bound footsteps

Like mother like daughter?   Judd's daughter is behind bars until 2025 according to reports & prison officials.  The apple clearly doesn't fall far from the family tree.  Because she's now serving an 8-year prison sentence after her latest arrest.   Grace Pauline Kelley, 22,  was arrested this week after apparent probation violations.    Us Weekly confirmed that Kelley, ehum, was sentenced this week after her probation was revoked in February. Prison officials confirmed to Us Weekly that her probation was killed-off on 8 February 2018  after she was then apparently found with two forms of schedule-two substances.    Per the terms of her probation,  both of those charges were direct violations of her probation. In 2017, she was famously convicted of manufacturing meth;  sellin...

Heather Locklear ‘s Epic Fall From Grace – Celebrity Report

 The downfall of Heather Locklear has been well documented over the years. Alleged substance abuse;    wild-child antics,   several domestic violence problems, assaults, the list goes on.   Locklear, as we reported yesterday, was admitted to the hospital after two arrests in less than two weeks. Locklear's downfall has been so many times, and, is common among who like her who are psychologically unable to handle opulent levels of wealth and fame.  Even to this day despite her troubles, she has managed to maintain her status as a television icon. Last Sunday,  the former blonde bombshell was arrested for assaulting a police officer; two EMT   workers, her parents, and an apparent staff member inside of her Thousand Oaks mansion.   Fast forward to just two days ago,  Locklear was repor...
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Anthony Kennedy: What’s next for the SCOTUS, criminal justice

With  Wednesday 's announcement that Justice Anthony Kennedy would be retiring, Washington, practically lit up conservative joy. Conservative joy that was aimed at the fact, that,  Trump now has a chance to make the SCOTUS almost entirely conservative. Kennedy had always been the swing-vote of the court.  In his 30-years on the court, he had often been the deciding factor in a number of the court's most decisive acts in history.  Gay marriage;  gun rights,  but most famously that of criminal justice.   During his term, he was one of the most vocal opponents of the death penalty and continued solitary confinement. It had always been a known fact that Kennedy,  a slight-liberal of sorts,  had felt that both practices were unethical and often violated a number of civil rights that are a...
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Puerto Rico wants statehood in the U.S by 2021

But, ehum, that may not be the easiest task for the troubled (and forgotten territory by the actual U.S government).  According to Rep Jennifer Gonalez, who campaign on the issue of statehood,  the issue set forth is indeed an issue of civil rights over anything else. Gonalez-Colon (R)  argues that  the issue of statehood must be provided to Puerto Rico by January 2021, something, that is certainly going to set-off heated debate in Congress as the idea wrangles Washington. Many Puerto Ricans remain divided on the issue, mostly, because they "feel alienated; ignored, and flat-out disrespected by Donald Trump"   says a Democratic Senator from  NYC who was born in Puerto Rico. For more on Puerto Rico visit our partner MSN to read up-to-date news and information on the island a year a...

The mystery surrounding an interstellar visitor has been solved

Last year -- ehum --   the world got a glimpse of a very odd  object shaped like a cigar tumbling through our  solar system (among other avenues). At the time, uh, nobody quite knew what it was or where it actually came from. Now, in the new edition of Nature magazine,    European researchers  claim that they have now figured out exactly what it was. 'Oumuamua" which was discovered on Oct. 19, 2017 by the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii.  Researchers have now decided and confirmed that due to the gases and such that the  object  relayed at the time, that, it  was in fact a comet. A comet that decided to enter and leave our solar system faster than anybody could actually blink.  

Heather Locklear admitted to hospital

It seems actress Heather Locklear can't seem to get her act together.  Last week she was arrested for assaulting her parents; re-arrested for assaulting an officer and an EMT -- and now is apparently in the hospital. According to Locklear's family, the actress had "already been seeking help  before the fact of the assault".  Also apparently a feat that had been in the works for some time,  ehum, due to Locklear's troublesome  past few months with substance abuse and mental health issues. This time, The Daily News, confirmed that Locklear was admitted to the hospital after an apparent overdose in her Thousand Oaks home.  The actress reportedly overdosed on an unidentified substance. Thankfully  a friend who happened to be in the home alerted police and she was quickly admitted to EMT ...

Father of Michael Jackson, Joe Jackson, dies at 89

LOS ANGELES -- Bad news for the Jackson family as it has been confirmed that Joe Jackson has died.    According to reports,  Jackson, 89, passed away yesterday after a long and complicated battle with numerous health issues over the years. Per the CNN; The Washington Post, and the Jackson Family --  Jackson died of cancer Wednesday afternoon. He was probably best known as the patriarch of the legendary family as he  helped bring the Jackson 5 to international fame during the 1960 's.  

Cardi B, Offset have been married since last year: Cardi B

Looks like Cardi B is a woman who can apparently keep one helluva secret. According to marriage certificates obtained far-and-wide, the rapper has been married to Offset since last year.  The certificates note that the two apparently got married early last year, only, having actually  announced their engagement in October (when in fact, they were already married). In fact, The Daily News has learned that they announced their engagement after the fact that they had been married. Neither Offset nor Cardi B  were willing to comment on the fact, but,  Cardi did release a statement on Instagram confirming the news herself.

Sultan Khane ‘s fashion week outfit to be designed by budding designer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- BAZAAR DAILY NEWS -- KHANE ENTERPRISE & KHANE & COMPANY. NEW YORK --   British website publisher Sultan Khane is slated to make his coveted and annual return to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this fall.  This time, however,  Sultan Khane will not be going the traditional route and wearing his usual wardrobe on the fashion-circuit.   This year, his outfit, will be designed by budding fashion designer Mateo. Mateo, 21, will dress Sultan Khane from head to toe in a to-be-revealed fashion week outfit designed exclusively for Khane. The pair will also walk the red-carpet together at the opening of fashion week,  whereas, Khane makes his first appearance of the week at the Art Hearts presentation at the Mercedes Benz Theater inside the Lincoln Center for Per...

Autopsy report on renowned chef Anthony Bourdain revealed

And per the report it contains at least one substance.  French prosecutors   confirmed in the report that he had a therapeutic dose of nonarcotic medicine in his system at the time of his suicide.  Per the New York Times,   he had no other  substances in his system and therefore means his suicide wasn't drug related. French prosecutors maintain that Bourdain 's death was not the result of foul-play. Meanwhile, his mother Gladys Bourdain, is set to reportedly host  a private ceremony with his ashes in the coming weeks.   Bourdain 's mother reportedly  got a "Tony" tattoo in very small letters on her wrist, beautifully, in memoriam of her son.
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Johnny Depp is reportedly broke: Profile

A damning profile in Rolling Stone paints a grim picture for the likes of movie icon Johnny Depp. In the profile, the mag takes a deep look at how Depp apparently squandered much of his $650m fortune ("on legal fees; attorneys,  excessive spending, and more"). Fun fact:   Depp 's movies at the box office have made over $3.6billion but he's only made about $650m in his fortune. The profile goes on to  divulge some interesting facts about Depp, which, include the fact that he apparently began his  overspending after his divorce from Amber Heard finalized. "He went into a deep-dark depression state  that resulted in reckless spending among other things". Via Rolling Stone     

A VA restaurant rightfully kicked Sarah Sanders out its establishment

And perhaps for good morale reason.  According to reports,  Sarah Sanders found herself without a table at the Red Hen restaurant over the weekend.   By without, ehum, we mean literally minutes after she reportedly arrived with at least 7 of her family members. Reports indicate that the server took a minute to recognize Sanders, and,  promptly decided that she would have to leave because of "morale decisions". Sanders confirmed by the incident by tweeting that "I was told by the owner of Red Hen in Lexington, VA to leave because I work for @POTUS and I politely left. Her actions say far more about her than about me. I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so." Meanwhile, goon-ball Trump supporters are already attem...
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